Friday, November 02, 2007

The Byrne Mobile Phone Irony

It couldn't have happened to a more unlikely person. But my favourite minister, Liam Byrne, has been found guilty of using his mobile phone whilst driving. The BBC has the more complete story.
The irony is not only that Byrne is a Home Office minister. Nor the fact he's an ex-police minister (for about 2 weeks). But that during the by-election at which he was elected in 2004, his campaign was based almost completely on attacking Nicola Davies because of her employment as a Council Liaison Manager with the Mobile Operators Association.
Hoist by his own petard.
On reflection, Byrne's excuse of "taking a very important call on a deportation matter" is even worse than it sounds. The judge should have passed a higher sentence rather than cutting it, as he's openly admitted that he really couldn't have been paying proper attention to the road.


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