Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Bomb Squad and How Local News Works

I'd just started writing this and got interrupted to do a recorded soundbite for Radio WM...
Anyway, yesterday evening got home from work and saw that the road was blocked off by the Royal Logistics Bomb Squad van! (And a HAZMAT ambulance and a number of police officers milling about.
The fuss was related to an arms cache found in someones backgarden while they were digging it up. Initial reports were that it was a WW2 bomb, but if it had been then we would've been being put up in the local school before you could get a good novel to read (currently reading Das Boot...). I presume it was a box of "goodies" brought back from some long forgotten foreign adventure. Apparently the Council's emergency action plan was initiated just in case.
As the evening wore on I started to get calls from various local news people. Apparently they'd googled "Regent St Stirchley", or similar, and it turns out that my address is on a number of sites, as well as my home phone number.
First off the blocks were Saga Radio, followed by BBC Midlands Today, and BBC news online (and this morning BBC Radio WM). Its obviously quicker to call someone in the area, than actually send a reporter out from the news desk, and the tool of choice is Google.


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