Friday, January 13, 2006

Leadership & footballers

After making a comment on Liberal England its got me thinking about the leadership contenders and which footballers they are analogous to.
Starting with Chris Huhne: Owen Hargreaves - has an established European career, with occasional run outs in the national side. Bit of an unknown quantity as the scouts don't see his play very often, and those who do can never agree on whether he is brilliant or a bit of a P Neville. Despite appearances plays quite a good game down the green left wing.
Simon Hughes: Probably best summed up by the recent whole England team performance against NI. Disorganised, despite being full of talented players, with no one taking a leadership role to pull them together.
Mark Oaten: A whole hearted right winger, who is now telling the manager that he's also got a useful left foot. But no one believes him. (A bit like Gerrard when playing for England as he ends up on the left because of all the great players there are on the right).
Ming Campbell: A solid centre back or holding midfield player. Sol Campbell (no relation) and Roy Keane spring to mind.


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