Saturday, January 14, 2006

oatcake about to bite the dust?

Rumours have reached me that Oaten may withdraw over this weekend. It appears that he's having issues about collecting 200 signatures, as well as getting 7 MPs who genuinely support him, rather support his right to stand.
Various activists around the country, who wouldn't dream of describing themselves as of the right, or even centre, have had calls from Oatcakes office to canvas them to obtain nomination signatures.
I'd suggest the fact that Oatbiscuit has a downloadable nominations form is a small sign of desperation.


At 10:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair, Chris Huhne has a downloadable form too. How else are local party members supposed to get the correct documentation?

At 1:44 pm, Blogger Leah & Robin Darbyshire said...

As one of those people who has a Mark Oaten nomination form and is collecting local party signatures and signing it herself, I wonder why Mark would withdraw this weekend when it clearly says on it that we have until 25th Jan to send it in i.e. get signatures.

Also you can be left wing and support Mark Oaten - it's just a case of believing that business isn't evil after all and that the Party needs to sharpen up its act. Really object to your presumption that anyone who supports Oaten is right wing or even centre when I myself am left wing and love him. You can believe in the provision of social facilities like health and education AND want them and your Party and its leader and government to be efficient you know - that way more of the people who need it get more help as there is no waste.

I would stop making wild statements like that if I was you.

As I said on my blog my father in law is as left wing as you like - a teacher and a 1960s ex-hippie as is my mother in law and they both think Mark is fantastic.

Anyone who doesn't think the Party needs to smarten up its Act is seriously living in the Dark Ages and will never see a liberal gov't!

PS I love this obsession with slating Mark that you all have, it's really building his brand and name recognition for him - all news is good news after all and there's no such thing as bad publicity. Thanks for doing him a favour guys!

At 6:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Mark encourages people to support his campaign and that is seen as desperate. He is also encouraging everybody who contacts him, supporters or not to join the Party, and direct them to the Party site, does that also make him desperate? Or is he only desperate when his purpose doesn't fit yours.

You may well also find that many members who would traditionally be in the Hughes camp are supporting Mark because as much as they may love Simon, they are realsltic about the damage he would do the pary as leader.

At 7:23 pm, Blogger Stephen Glenn said...

This is also now downloadable on the Simon Hughes site

At 12:17 pm, Blogger Rob F said...

And also on Ming's. Bit of a non-story, this.


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